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01 The Storytellers
Thursday Jan 05, 2017
02 Carrie Dates a Hunk
Thursday Jan 12, 2017
Fred doesn't dig Carrie's hunky new beau. A new couple goes to therapy. Drew and Andy question, "What about men?". Melanie and Lars make the important choice to buy a rug.
03 Fred's Cell Phone Company
Thursday Jan 19, 2017
Fred's new business may be more trouble than it's worth. Kate and Sam learn the perils of long distance love. Drew and Andy plan a funeral. Nina gives Lance a massage chair that changes everything.
04 Separation Anxiety
Thursday Jan 26, 2017
Toni and Candace retire but there is still some unfinished business between them. Drew and Andy re-imagine gingerbread cookies. Peter and Nance try a new protein diet. The rats consider the charms of squirrels.
05 Amore
Thursday Feb 02, 2017
Fred gets involved with an arranged marriage; a couple's newly opened movie theater offers an at-home vibe; a school brings in a bully to show students how to toughen up; and a creepy guy leaves a strange reply to social-media posts.
06 Friend Replacement
Thursday Feb 09, 2017
Carrie's in the market for a new friend; Jill tries a radical diet to deal with her office anxieties; Drew and Andy host a movie festival; a scientist comes up with a cure for modern life; Ghavin opens an elaborate box set.
07 Portland Secedes
Thursday Feb 16, 2017
Fred and Carrie have a hand in helping the mayor get Portland to secede from the U.S.; the eco-terrorists are honored with a Best Protest award; Peter believes he may be Banksy; and Kath and Dave put passive-aggressive notes on cars.
08 Ants
Thursday Feb 23, 2017
Nina and Lance deal with an ant infestation. The mayor attempts to break a world record. "Time Tailors" evaluate a man's schedule. The eco-terrorists brainstorm how to make an impressive event entrance.
09 Passenger Rating
Thursday Mar 02, 2017
Carrie tries to improve her passenger rating; an actor teaches a boss how to fire employees; the National Small Talk Convention takes place.
10 Misunderstood Miracles
Thursday Mar 09, 2017
Sandra teaches a pit bull self-control. Lisa and Bryce sell instant garbage. A couple explains alcohol to their adult son. Fred discovers models.

Portlandia 7

IMDb 7.8 22 min/episode
A sketch-comedy series that parodies life in Portland, Oregon.
Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein
Fred Armisen,Carrie Brownstein,Jonathan Krisel
United States
6.2 / 23 times
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